Summer 2011 Update

The latest issue of SICA’s newsletter is to inform members of what has transpired over the summer in the City of Riviera Beach. The progress on the A1A beatification project is moving along quite nicely. The construction on the small bridge east of the Blue Heron bridge has been completed. Final completion of the total A1A improvement is now scheduled for the fall of 2012. The new Publix store, immediately west of the Blue Heron Bridge is scheduled to open in October. Due to the economy, the lease up of the Ocean Mall is moving along slowly. Subway has moved into its new location in the Mall and the New York Style Deli has opened. The Mall and the beach improvements are outstandingand add to the quality of life on the island.

There are several issues confronting the City of Riviera Beach, all of which will have an enormous impact on the residents of the island. They are:

  • Beach and dunes restoration
  • Proliferation of substance abuse facilities on the island in residential areas
  • Reduction of personnel at the Singer Island fire station
  • Increased property taxes as values continue to fall
  • The proposed development of the Riviera Beach Marina

Various board members will address these issues in this newsletter.

The board has been very active over the summer meeting with city council members to express our position on key issues. We have also had discussions with Tony Brown, the CRA director, about the development of the municipal marina. We have continued to meet with other civic organizations on the island and the mainland. Those organizations are: The Citizens for Responsible Growth, the Community Officers Association of Singer Island (COASI) and the Committee for a Better Riviera Beach (CFBRB). Although members of CFBRB have spoken at our monthly meetings in the past, I would like to inform our members of their mission. Citizens living west of the Blue Heron Bridge started the committee. They share the same visions for Riviera Beach that benefit the residents of Singer Island that SICA supports. Most importantly, they believe in economic development that will provide jobs for our citizens, lower taxes and change the image of Riviera Beach. They supported the Rybovich development at the marina, helped change the l nguage in the city charter allowing for private enterprise on marina property, and backed the same candidates for city council endorsed by SICA in the last election.

Next, I would like to pass out kudos to citizens and elected officials. First, a special thanks to Sonny Nardulli at Eastpointe I and to Don Gaertner at the Corniche for their great effort regarding the beach erosion issue. Although the breakwater project has been shelved temporarily due to disagreements between governmental agencies, the question has not died. Thanks always to Councilwoman Dawn Pardo for her tireless effort in representing the best interest of all Riviera Beach citizens. Even though SICA has not always seen eye-to-eye with our mayor, Bishop Thomas Masters, we would like to express our appreciation for his support regarding substance abuse facilities, the reduction in personnel at the Singer Island Fire Station and his promise to make the city more user friendly to new business applications.

By the time you read this newsletter, Singer Island will have barely averted its second hurricane threat of the season – Hurricane Irene. Cooler temperatures will not be far away and our seasonal residents will be coming back. SICA’s first monthly meeting is October 18th. We will have interesting and informative local, state and national officials addressing our members. The board looks forward to seeing everyone again.

Please note that SICA will make a financial donation to the Town of Palm Beach Shores thanking them for support of our organization and for the use of their town hall for our monthly meetings. The presentation will take place at their September Commission Meeting.

The SICA History

SICA was formed in 1967 by a group of citizens, like you, with the objective of fostering a spirit of goodwill and cooperation for the mutual benefit of the residents of Singer Island and the community in which they reside.

Membership in SICA can help promote many positive projects for Singer Island, projects such as our Fall 1999 purchase of submerged land in the Lake Worth Lagoon. This purchase gives us strong legal standing to argue for preservation and against any future submerged lands development proposals targeting the lake side of the lagoon.

Please become a member of SICA. As a member you will be able to attend our monthly meetings, meet and socialize with other members, hear and question invited speakers, and become an active part of our very positive and forward looking community.

We will work together to preserve the unique character of our island home and to enhance the quality of life of all members of the Singer Island community.

We hope you will visit the various pages in our site and learn more about SICA and Singer Island.
If you have any questions or comments please send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We very much want to know your thoughts on the issues you consider most important for us to pursue.

City Breaks Ground for Dazzling New Riviera Beach Marina

Courtesy of “The Riviera” the City of Riviera Beach Quarterly Newsletter.

On July 14, the Municipal Marina Director Edwin C. Legue hosted a groundbreaking ceremony for the demolition of the marina’s sea wall as the first phase of a $10-million-plus marina redevelopment planned to finish in late 2013.

The exciting goal: a world-class facility with every modern convenience.

Much effort has been made by the City and its Community Redevelopment Agency to solicit ideas for the new marina’s design. Several public meetings were held prior to the selection of the final design firm for both the Marina District and the adjacent upland development. A second set of public meetings was held about a week after the groundbreaking.

But what will it look like? Rather than dry descriptions based on diagrams and stylized drawings, imagine instead a trip into the future.

Riviera Beach Marina

Stretching ahead, after turning east on 13th Street from Broadway, the brick-paved roadway is lined with palm trees. To the right, a public market—a two-story structure fronted by boutique shops and restaurants. To the left, an open parking area which could, some day, become surrounded by luxury condominiums.

Continuing east, drive across a tree-lined Avenue C and park in the five-story garage, which would also serve the neighboring Port of Palm Beach. Ahead, from the exit, is a green market, flanked on the right by splashing fountains in the tastefully landscaped public plaza. Crossing this open space leads to what will be the newly refreshed Tiki Waterfront Sea Grill, still overlooking the Intracoastal Waterway and Peanut Island.

To the north is Newcomb Hall – a completely rebuilt, $3 million, two-story structure with a 400-seat conference facility, meeting rooms, educational space and an ornamental rooftop garden. Next to it is a revitalized Bicentennial Park with new walkways, a shaded playground, picnic areas and an amphitheater.

The marina itself will feature floating docks with beautiful hardwood decking; submerged lighting will provide a nightly aquarium show. Each of the eventual 100 public slips will have all the amenities – including in-slip pump out, water, electric, Wi-Fi connection and cable TV. Alongside the water is a two-tiered, landscaped boardwalk which leads south towards the separate Tiki bar, with plenty of outdoor seating looking out towards the water.

Once complete, not only will the City have the best beach in Florida, it will also be able to boast the best marina.

For more information on the Marina, call Edwin Legue, director of the Municipal Marina, at 561-845-3408.

Summer on Singer Island

We have had a busier than usual beach summer given the high temperatures and lack of rain up until midAugust. Guess we can’t complain since the weather map across the country has actually shown Florida as cooler than many of our northern and mid-western neighbors.

The traditional afternoon showers have begun and provide a welcome relief to the heat of the day. The storm season has been quiet . . . Hurricane Emily skipped right past us thankfully, as has Irene.

Work on A1A has been progressing . . . lights are in on the west side past Pine Point, planting areas are being readied for the new palms and the east side has been progressing well. Next season should show great improvement over last season as far as traffic flow.

Marina Update

The architects for the Marina project made a presentation on the Project late July to get resident input. Three meetings were held . . . one of them on the Island. Tony Brown, CRA Director, Dawn Pardo and Mayor Masters were also present. The current plan exceeds the budgeted number. There were many comments regarding style, input, parking, and projected utilization of the town center concept. The purpose of the meetings was to get feedback from the public before going to the Council. Everyone is anxious to get something going but also concerned about being prudent about design and funding.

Ocean Mall

Johnny Longboats

Johnny Longboats and Two Drunken Goats are doing a great business keeping the Islanders fed and entertained. Good reviews on both counts. New York Bagel Cafe and Deli is newly opened and proving to be a good beachfront breakfast and lunch spot. Stop by and introduce yourself to the owners!

Wingflyer . . . a great scooter shop is also open for business. Lot’s of fun for young and those who want to be young! Pops Costa Rica ice cream shop has been unbelievably busy as you would imagine in this HOT summer. Ice cream creations are getting rave reviews . . . don’t worry about the lines . . . . they move quickly!

Wings of course continues to be the best source for all things beach-bound . . . not all things . . . just about EVERY thing. All kinds of souvenirs and lots of practical things for the ocean and sand as well.

Subway is moving to their new location in the South building. Looks very fresh and clean . . . and inviting.

Buddy’s has moved from the old location into the Sands Hotel and expanded their business.

The Happy Fish Thai and Sushi restaurant seems to be doing well and gets good reviews.

Still lots of retail opportunity in the Ocean Mall . . . for anyone Interested.