Take Action to Protect our Waterways


Contact: Cheryl A. Houghtelin
Friends of MacArthur Beach State Park

MacArthur Beach State Park’s Jr. Friends Take Action to Protect our Waterways

(North Palm Beach, FL) – MacArthur Beach State Park’s Jr. Friends organization recently adopted and installed a monofilament recycling sign and bin on Jack Nicklaus Drive on the bridge near US Highway 1. The project was initiated by former Jr. Friends President, Adrienne Propp after noticing discarded fishing line dangling from the power lines that run across the bridge. She presented the idea to the Jr. Friends and the Board of Directors of the Friends of MacArthur Beach and received a unanimous vote in favor of adopting the bridge. After many months of research and permitting, installation day finally came. The Jr. Friends will continue to monitor the bin and clean it out frequently in hopes to reduce the damages caused by monofilament.

Monofilament is a single-stand, high density nylon fishing line. When improperly discarded it can entangle wildlife including birds, manatees and sea turtles. The fishing line can last 600 years and can also be accidentally ingested by sea life.

The Jr. Friends of MacArthur Beach State Park is an organization made up of environmentally concerned high school students with the mission of generating supplemental resources to preserve, restore, and interpret the natural and cultural assets of the Park for present and future generations.

John D. MacArthur Beach State Park, Palm Beach County’s only state park, is situated on a barrier island between the Atlantic Ocean and the Lake Worth Lagoon. The Park is made up of 438 acres of pristine coastal land and contains four different communities or habitats including seven species of plants and twenty-two species of animals on the endangered or threatened list. MacArthur Beach is truly an “Island in Time.

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