Help Needed to Protect Our Beaches

Dear Fellow Singer Island Resident,

Your help is needed urgently in developing a permanent solution to the escalating beach erosion problem that threatens our property, the local economy, and enjoyment of our beaches. Protect our Beaches®, a county-wide organization founded by residents of Singer Island, is working on this issue, but to be successful, we need your voice. This is not a fund-raising request!
If you are a full-time resident of Singer Island, you are probably aware of the strong effort and leadership of our Congressman, Patrick Murphy, in addressing the problem of beach erosion. He and his staff are working closely with the staff and leadership of Protect our Beaches.

During a visit to Singer Island in late April, Congressman Murphy suggested a series of steps to create bipartisan support for beach re-nourishment and pilot projects that will protect our beaches from further erosion. But as Congressman Murphy pointed out, he and the other members of the Florida Congressional Delegation, who are working with him, cannot achieve these goals without bi-partisan support from Members of Congress from other states.

It is important to let Congressman Murphy know that we appreciate and support his efforts. However, it is equally important that those of us who vote elsewhere or who have connections with other Members of Congress throughout the country, solicit their support for resolving the problem of beach erosion in our area as well as all coastal areas around the country that are impacted by beach erosion. We urge you to write your Congressperson or other members of Congress with whom you have a connection and ask family members and friends to do the same in support of Congressman Murphy’s initiatives.

You will find a sample letter attached. You are encouraged to add whatever comments you feel appropriate and send it by e-mail or regular mail. If you need help finding contact information for your congressional representative, please use the following link: http://www.house.gov/representatives/find/.

This is an important initiative for each and every one of us. If we are to get Congress and the federal government on our side instead of in our way, this small step can help protect our beaches, our property and the economy of our area and other coastal areas impacted negatively by beach erosion.

Thank you, in advance, for your help.

Michael Sloser
Protect our Beaches®

Dear Representative,

I am writing to urge you to support funding for beach re-nourishment projects in the upcoming appropriation spending bills.

Beach re-nourishment and shore protection is critical for our communities where the beaches are central to the safety, environment and economic well-being of the region. Well-nourished beaches serve as an important buffer to homes and businesses along the coast and protect against flooding and coastal damage. The more our shorelines erode, the more the coastal infrastructure, local economy and residents like me are in jeopardy.

I also strongly encourage you to pursue and support policies that will result in efficient ways to promote the establishment of pilot projects and programs that can offer cost-effective and innovative solutions to beach erosion. While laws that protect the environment are important, Congress can and must find a way to balance environmental regulations that protect fragile ecosystems with a process that does not suppress inventive and effective approaches that will better protect our coastlines.

Thank you for your consideration of these important issues that directly impact my community.


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