PGA Waterfront Proposed Project

Many of you have expressed a great interest in knowing more about the plans for the PGA Waterfront proposed project by the developers of Harbourside Place in Jupiter. The project is being reviewed by the City of Palm Beach Gardens Planning, Zoning and Appeals Board.


2 Responses to “PGA Waterfront Proposed Project”
  1. peter moloney says:

    Let the project move forward. !!!!

  2. Are we really considering adding to the traffic flow that is coming out of Ellison Wilson Rd onto PGA Blvd? What will the ramifications be when there is a 10 minute delay of moving traffic because a number of those people coming out of the project will want to go west when the bridge is raised? Are they going to widen the road and put in 2 left turn lanes, one to go straight, and one for right turns? Will there be enough road space to allow traffic that wants to go south on Ellison Wilson Rd to get outof the project, without being stuck behind those turning north? Just some thoughts.

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