Walk with Peggy on March 7

Learn more: http://www.walkwithpeggy.org/walk-info

Team Tiara, a group of residents from the Tiara Condominium that annually joins a walk for the Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League, is issuing a challenge to all the other condo/neighborhood associations on Singer Island to compete with them in this year’s March 7th walk.

An organizing meeting for team captains and co-captains from each participating Singer Island condo and homeowner neighbors will be held Thursday, February 5th, in Tiara’s 42nd story Marquis lounge.

“This will be a great way for residents from different Singer Island buildings and sub-divisions to get to know each other and have fun while helping homeless animals,” said JB Dixson, co-chair of the Tiara team. “We are looking forward to hosting team leaders from other buildings/neighborhoods on the island so we can build a friendly competition.”

Each team’s walkers will be asked to raise funds from friends and family for their team’s goal. Registered walkers, with at least $30 in donations, will receive a walk tee shirt, breakfast from Whole Foods, coffee from Paris in Town, and a team photo. Team Tiara has also created a colorful banner for the walk and will wear funny tiaras to set themselves off from other teams.

Anyone interested in forming a team for their building/neighborhood, please email JB Dixson jbdixson@icloud.com for more information.

The Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League helps 20,000 cats, dogs, puppies and kittens each year. Operating continuously since 1925, it addresses pet overpopulation in Palm Beach County through a variety of services including a low-cost spay/neuter clinic, low-cost vaccine clinic, micro-chipping, and of course, placing animals in adoptive homes.

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