Island Wide Beach Cleanup – 2nd Saturdays

Cleanup lasts 45 minutes and is open to everyone including the kids. The Singer Island Civic Association and local residents have organized and Island-wide beach cleanup to occur the second saturday of every month.


3 Responses to “Island Wide Beach Cleanup – 2nd Saturdays”
  1. David Campbell says:

    My question why should residents help clean up the Beaches , Almost all the condo high rise (Marriots) tell us to move off there beach and after the Blue Horizon and the Health club one is built there will be no beach left for island residents , I help clean Ma Carthur Park which I know I’m welcome . I think the Civic Association should tell the managers they do not OWN the whole beach.

  2. Joanna says:

    Solid Waste Authority would like to invite your group to join the Adopt A Spot program to partner in our mission to be litter free in Palm Beach County. The SWA AAS program would support and supply items for your clean up. We have bags, gloves, t shirts, pickers, first aid kits, hand sanitizers and more.

    contact the SWA for more information at 697-2700 ext 4701

  3. George Carter says:

    We would like to assist with these monthly clean-ups. Who should we contact?

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