“The Blue” Condominium Public Meeting

There will be a public meeting for the Wieland-Davco Corporation to present a new residential tower on North Ocean Drive.


One Response to ““The Blue” Condominium Public Meeting”
  1. Jack Fairbrother says:

    The vacant and unbuilt (Amrit) properties are an eyesore on our island, and something needs to be done with them. However, traffic is already gridlocked at Broadway and Blue Heron, and at PGA and US Highway 1, getting off the island. What ever happened to “no increase in traffic until 2025”? Did I get the traffic study wrong? Do we really want to increase the traffic in our area by building more condos? What if their use could only be for conferences, weddings, with a small, low building creating limited traffic? Let’s not let our island become another Miami Beach, a concrete jungle with nonstop traffic.

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