President’s Message – Summer 2015

As many of you know, SICA’s mission is to support, inform, connect and advocate for our local community.  It has been an exciting year for us, with many “firsts” for our civic association. We sought to bring new and interesting speakers and activities to our members while honoring the heritage of civic responsibility SICA has advanced since 1967.


We brought together for the first time at SICA the various federal, state and local organizations with responsibility for securing and protecting our coastline–it was one of our most popular evening meetings.  We also hosted John Kerry, Palm Beach County’s Inspector General, in a discussion of how his office identifies and helps address government fraud, waste and abuse–and how he helps local agencies improve their operations.   Another popular new meeting topic was our discussion of submerged land use and protection of our fragile coastal environment.

In addition, we welcomed perennial favorite speakers such as the Riviera Beach Police Chief, CRA Director Tony Brown, and candidates running for local office.  We encourage open discussion at our meetings, and were pleased to see strong attendance at meetings this year.


We sponsored new social events to connect our neighbors, ranging from a karaoke sing-along last summer to sponsoring monthly beach clean-ups, organized by SICA member Joy Africano, that combined doing good for our environment while having fun on Saturday mornings.   For next year we are considering social activities ranging from a Singer Island Golf Tournament to a party celebrating the boat show and our vital marine economy. Do you have ideas for fun and interesting ways to connect our community?   Let us know your thoughts!


SICA supported adoption of the new Coastal Construction Control Line (CCCL) that brings Riviera Beach code into compliance with the 1993 state CCCL regulations. We also supported CCCL revisions that allowed for more realistic replacement values for catastrophically damaged properties.  We continue to advocate keeping the pristine Lake Worth Lagoon coastline free from commercial or residential development that might disturb our unique and fragile ecosystem.  We also continue to support new state regulations regarding sober homes and treatment centers that will serve to protect our neighbors and clients of those facilities alike.

In our ongoing efforts to promote responsible city governance we established a new Fiscal Responsibility committee, composed of Singer Island and mainland residents, to identify and address areas for improved financial accountability and results. We also continued to press for more action on the Ocean Mall–to clean it up, add more parking and aggressively seek quality tenants.  Some progress has been made on the appearance, but this property is still vastly underperforming.  Join SICA’s voice to let council members and city staff know your views and concerns on these or other issues.


SICA has always supported philanthropic efforts in our local community, and this year was no different. We made donations to the Riviera Beach Maritime Academy, Revival Ministries, Council Chair Dawn Pardo’s new Books Come to Life program, and the Riviera Beach Mothers Against Violence program.

Our FREE Singer Island Voice continues to reach thousands of neighbors and residents, and we welcome your feedback or comments on any issue.  If you have suggestions for member meeting topics or social events for next year, please contact us.

Our board of directors welcomed Palm Beach Shores Mayor John Workman to our board this year, and we invite SICA members to join or help lead any of the following committees:  Beaches, Zoning, Safety & Security, Ocean Mall, Membership, and Fiscal Responsibility.  It’s a great way to meet people and make a difference in our community.

Our board will be planning and working over the summer for exciting things to come next year.  We will also keep you updated via summer editions of the Singer Island Voice.  Meanwhile, have a great summer, and remember … SICA serves as YOUR eyes and ears, and the voice of Singer Island … whether YOU are here or away.

See you around the island!

Riviera Beach Marina to feature 50,000-square-foot public market

The Riviera Beach Marina project currently under construction could include a 50,000-square-foot market for local produce and other products.

New Residential Tower Approved

A public meeting was held in the Colonnade Ballroom at the Palm Beach Marriott Resort at Singer Island, 3800 North Ocean Drive to inform Singer Island residents of the proposed construction of a residential condominium, The Blue, on the vacant property locat-ed north of the Hilton Hotel and south of the Marriott Resort.

Ocean Mall Update

City staff re-inspected the Ocean Mall site on May 21, 2015. The May 21, 2015 inspection yielded the following results (City staff and property management present; Mr. Wayne Richards, Ms. Cathy Hosn, Mr. Peter Ringle, and Mr. Jeff Gagnon):